Vetiver – Tight Knit

January 01, 1970




not much of a leap from Vetiver’s 2008 album, Thing of the Past-an old flatbed truck loaded with obscure covers
by forgotten artists (Norman Greenbaum, Michael Hurley, Garland Jeffries)-to
the radiant new Tight Knit, whose
material was penned entirely by the San
Francisco combo’s frontman, Andy Cabic. That’s a
tribute to both his influences and Cabic, himself, whose understated tunes are
just as rich in ornately detailed melody as those of his heroes.


can now hold its own with Cabic’s tabloid headline-making old friends/sometime
collaborators, Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom. “In high school I was
always trying to figure out where I fit in,” says Cabic. “I’d go see
Fugazi shows, then hang out with friends who loved the Grateful Dead.”
Traces of that open-eared upbringing still season Cabic’s music on the gently
rolling “Another Reason To Go,” where Vetiver core members
(guitarists Kevin Baker and Sanders Trippe, bassist Brent Dunn, drummer Otto
Hauser), augmented by a horn section and former Beachwood Sparks keyboardist
“Farmer” Dave Scher, give the tune a Workingman’s Dead vibe. There’s no raging, D.C.-style punk rock
here, of course, but the sparkling “More Of This” recalls another of
Cabic’s faves: the unclassifiable N.R.B.Q.


while you can, though, warns Cabic: “This one’s a little more upbeat, but
our records are always introspective with just a bit of melancholy.”


Standout Tracks: “More Of This,”
“Another Reason To Go” JUD COST



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