Very Truly Yours – Things You Used to Say

January 01, 1970



Capua is the songwriter for this Chicago-based chamber pop group, on the scene
for nearly two years, while guitarist Lisle Mitnik is another Chicago pop-meister who records as Fireflies
(and has released two terrific full-lengths under that name). Listening to Very
Truly Yours brings to mind Camera Obscura, with additional echoes of The
Softies, Belle & Sebastian, The School, Trembling Blue Stars (when Beth
sings) and ‘50s girl groups. The record starts out with those girl group
handclaps and then the whirr of an organ and finally, Kristine’s tender vocals
and it all adds up to a stunning, classic pop song. Up next is the jangly,
longing Homesick” and then the bouncy “Puddles.” The middle part of the record
slows it down a bit with the very Obscura-ish “Sorry To Say It” (there’s even
blocks of wood knocking, something Camera Obscura uses quite often) and the
eerie “Dear.”  The record closes out with the bobby socks-ish “Love is
Hard’ and the poignant “To See You Here” with its sweeping strings.


no lack of cotton candy surrounding the tunes so fans of the genre will eat
this up. What this band lacks in originality it more than makes up for in
strong songs. The Skywriting Records label is now 3 for 3 and still batting


Standout Tracks: “I’d Write You a Song”, “Homesick”, “Puddles”, “Love is





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