VERONICA FALLS – Waiting for Something To Happen

Album: Waiting For Something to Happen

Artist: Veronica Falls

Label: Slumberland

Release Date: May 14, 2013

VEronica Falls


It’s nice to see that bands like Veronica Falls. Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Allo Darlin (all three happen to be on the Slumberland label) are at least getting some recognition these days. The bands that came before them (C-86 scene, Sarah Records, pretty much any jangle pop band, etc.) in the late ‘80s couldn’t get arrested in this country. And honestly, on this record, what’s not to like, the songs are good, very good.

After a terrific debut in 2011 this British quartet (2 females and two males) follow it up with a strong sophomore effort. Ok, so maybe not quite as good as said debut, but that record was hard to beat.  Having said that, songs two and three, “Teenage” and “Broken Toy” are at least as good as anything on that debut and the title track and the noisier “My Heart Beats” are close (“Everybody’s Changing”, too). The production is definitely a bit cleaner and there was certain recklessness to the debut that’s missing here, but honestly, those are really minor quibbles and what can I say, Roxanne Clifford’s vocals are special (and they have the those harmonies down pat).

Waiting for Something To Happen is an excellent record and unless something really weird happens (like a ton of great releases get released between now and early December), it will make my top 10 of 2013. An early prediction, I know, but hey, I know my own tastes.

DOWNLOAD: “Teenage,” “Broken Toy,” “My Heart Beats,” “”Everybody’s Changing”

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