Venice is Sinking – Sand & Lines: The Georgia Theatre Sessions/ May 20th-24th 2008

January 01, 1970

(One Percent


This Athens, GA band actually began and a
one-man-in-his-bedroom project of leader Daniel Lawson who recorded the bands’
debut, a cassette, in 1997. A few years later he relocated from his hometown of
Peachtree City
to nearby Athens
and found some like-minded musicians to share his vision and help round out the
band’s sound (the biggest addition being flute/cello player, Karolyn Troupe).
Taking cues from The Cowboy Junkies on their Trinity Sessions record (and Uncle Tupelo’s acoustic record too),
the band set up in an old Georgia
Theatre at the request of
the theatre owner, Wil Greene.


Using 2
microphones (the ‘Junkies only used one) the band set up in this spacious room
and played a set of 10 country-inflected songs and it sounds, at times,
absolutely beautiful.  Opening tune
“Sidelights” was a gorgeous tune with plenty lovely cello while they follow it
up with some covers including Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat”, a perfect choice for the
band’s aesthetic, as well as Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, offering a slower, more
languid version. Lawson wrote or co-wrote all of the originals and while a few
meander off into the clouds (i.e.: “The Grey Line”, “Falls City”, etc.) most
are well-written and go down easily (like “Lucky Lady”, another Lawson
original). Sadly, the theatre was destroyed by a fire in the summer of 2009 but
is now in the rebuilding phase and will be reopened next year. Until you are
able to walk through its doors, give this a spin and appreciate the sound of
both the room and the band as the songs float up to the rafters and into the
moonlit, Georgia


Standout Tracks: “Sidelights”, “Tugboat”, “Lucky Lady”, “Pebble



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