Veils – Sun Gangs

January 01, 1970

(Rough Trade)


The Veils’ previous effort, Nux Vomica, was an undervalued gem of dark, dramatic rock and roll
that came on like the missing link between the Bad Seeds and the best of
Morrissey. On “Sun Gangs,” they’ve scaled back a bit on the edgier side of that
equation without detracting from the sense that everything is very much at
stake here.


“Sit Down By The Fire,” the opening track, is as majestic as
a U2 ballad without the urge to hit the back rows of the stadium with every
breath, its lyrics packed with richly detailed images (“My father singing in
the falling leaves about the complicated beauty of a river run dry”). It’s epic
stuff. And gorgeous, too, as are most of the highlights, from the devastated
ache of the piano-driven “Sun Gangs” to the post-punk pining of “The Letter.”
And when they do go off the deep end, it’s a damn exciting plunge, Finn Andrews
(son of Barry) howling like a man possessed on the harrowing “Killed by the
Boom” while the guitars unleash the chaos and abrasion.


Standout Tracks: “Sit Down By the Fire,” “Killed By the Boom” A. WATT.


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