Various Artists – Proximity One: Narrative of a City

January 01, 1970



Who would have thought ten years ago that the next major
movement in Los Angeles hip-hop following the G-Funk era would be coming from a
colony of like-minded beat merchants hellbent on utilizing the sonic ground
pulverized by such instrumental hip-hop forefathers as DJ Shadow, Madlib and J.
Dilla as a launching pad by which to catapult themselves into the stratosphere of
Serato salvation? And, following in the footsteps of Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp
Killer, Daddy Kev, Nocando, Nobody, Samiyam, Baths, Nosaj Thing and the rest of
the quality cats who have emerged from LA’s flavor-rich Low End Theory movement
over the last decade or so, comes the next crop of creativity in the form of
Proximal Records. Started up earlier this year by lifelong Los Angelenos Carl
Madison Burgin, who performs under the name Sahy Uhns, and producer Jeff Elmassian,
the label was founded as a means “of supporting and promoting vibrant new
voices in the local electronic music community.” And based upon their inaugural
release, an 18-track compilation headlined by exclusive cuts from established
acts DaM-FunK and Daedelus and rounded out by a wild assortment of abstract
grooves from such promising newcomers as Teevsm Lawrence Grey, Wake, Take,
Benedek, BearClaw, TOKiMonsta, Suzuki 8-ball and Dr. Strangeloop among others,
it looks like Brugin and Elmassian will be keeping the likes of Stones Throw and
anticon. on their collective toes for many years to come. If you are like me
and scoping out the likes of FlyLo’s Brainfeeder and BTS Radio for quality beat tapes and
podcasts, Proximity One: Narrative of a
is definitely a collection worth your while. And while you are feeling
the funk, head on over to the Proximal Web
to cop free downloads of the imprint’s Beat Stew series, a trio of
mixtapes featuring many of the artists who appear on this album.


DOWNLOAD: Benedek “Laser Forest”, DaM-FunK “A Day at the
Carnival”, Suzuki 8-ball “Nine Wing”, Take “Conversations with Yesterday”, Dr.
Strangeloop “Strange Utopia” RON HART



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