VARIOUS ARTISTS – Nightshining (Vol. 26) LP

Album: Nightshining (Vol. 26) LP

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Vinyl Moon

Release Date: October 20, 2017

The Upshot: One of the few vinyl subscription services that provides a genuinely meaningful way to digest new music and build your vinyl collection at the same time.  


With the resurgence of vinyl there are plenty of subscription services out there not worth the price of admission. Thankfully this is not the case with the Vinyl Moon mix tape, on a record concept that offers on a monthly basis, to the musically curious, two sides of astutely curated songs. It’s a cool concept, and one that aims to satisfy your vinyl porn fetish at every turn (I’m talking to you Fred Mills). [Yep. He’s a sick one. —#Vinylporn Ed.] From the music to the deep purple vinyl to the sleeve art, it’s a beauty to behold. Nightshining’s songs and associated artwork give one the sense of being lost in a foreign metropolis. The assembled images that were taken somewhere in China, remind me of some of my earliest memories of Shanghai. I recall wandering around on my bike and just staring at the buildings with their odd shapes and colors, coupled with the strange scents wafting in the air, feeling that I was a million miles from home. Caught with that final glow in the sky before things go black, these images, shot by photographer Marilyn Mugot, are worth the price of admission alone. But hey, this isn’t an unboxing review, so let’s get to the music.

Side A begins with Kan Wakan’s “Phantasmagoria Pt. 1.” Dark and melancholic, the song is a real stunner that’s part jazzy with hints of Massive Attack/Portishead embedded within. The next amazing tune is by a band called Shy Girls, whose track “Why I Love” does a beautiful job of mixing an icy remoteness over a river of passion. It’s a really sad and reflective piece that makes me want to hear more from this group. Rounding out side A is the band Mustard and the Silverfish, with the track “Jubilee Green,” a slightly off-kilter psychedelic pop tune that revolves around what sounds like a Hammond B3 and a Moog, high-as-a-kite-vocals, and flanged out drums to yield a narcotic effect that was hard to shake. Side B’s standout tracks include the Chameleons-like track “Nevada,” by Brooklyn band Hypoluxo and imbued with a distinct eighties vibe. Leo Law’s “Brothers and Sisters” is a brilliant track from this UK singer songwriter, and as the liner notes say this is barely his second recorded song. Funky, soulful and totally chill, this track is perfect for listening in your room as the sun sets in the winter sky.

Side B definitely wasn’t as strong musically as Side A, but even so, the number of unknown bands that I heard and the format that I heard them on proved to be a unique experience that I won’t soon forget. This is a great idea that I hope will gain some traction as one of the more meaningful ways to digest new music and build your vinyl collection at the same time.

DOWNLOAD: “Phantasmagoria Pt. 1” “Why I Love” “Jubilee Green” “Nevada” “Brothers and Sisters”


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