Various Artists – Future Balearica

January 01, 1970




Balearic Beat a facelift, UK-based Needwant Recordings’ first edition of new
mix compilations¸ Future Balearica: New
Chill and Warm Laidback Sounds
, is 70+ minutes of dreamy lounge electronica.
It’s an easy, melding flow of sunny dance rhythms and hazy synths that
seamlessly fall into each other, creating one long soundtrack for your island
beach getaway.


that’s where the beauty of Future
lays – in the subtlety of its track changes. While the entirety
of the record plays like one house act’s lengthy piece of work, the switches in
tempos and vocalizations from slow & longing to heated & sensual to
delightful & playful are like little wake up calls during your moment of
relaxation. But that’s also the drawback. When you have a compilation that
boasts collaborators like The xx, Animal Collective and Fete, there should be
some distinction between the acts, with their trademark beats shining through
the semblance (unfortunately, unless you look up the track list, you have no
idea where the aforementioned bands’ contributions lie).


such a blurry flow may be what you want from a house mix comp but if the press for
Future Balearica is going to focus on
the offerings of the “big” name acts, then the actual record should back it


DOWNLOAD: Fete’s “The Islands,” Iain Archer’s “Canal Song” ANNAMARYA SCACCIA



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