VARIOUS ARTISTS: Friends Of The Fish 3&4 (7” singles)

Album: Friends Of The Fish 3&4

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Fruits de Mer

Release Date: July 24, 2015
 Friends 3

The Upshot: UK label serves up incredibly eclectic buffet of left-field pop on a pair of limited edition lathe-cut 45s.


Two 7” singles recently turned up, courtesy the esteemed UK label Fruits de Mer. Friends of the Fish 3 starts off with “Soma” by Swedish band The Cats Never Sleep. It’s a really cool instrumental that starts off with a brooding bass line that transports the listener deep into the Mariana Trench. After the drums enter hazy flourishes of guitar start to peel in the background, and then the song really begins to take off with some backmasking. This is psychedelic music after all, but something more akin to what The Verve might do instead of let’s say Hawkwind, if you catch my drift! It’s a very infectious instrumental that I kept playing over and over again. This is a really cool band that apparently as the press release states was sent merely on spec to label management. What a find here’s hoping the FDM records puts out a full length!

The second track “Sungaze” by Insektlife Cycle, is a very positive summery instrumental that has a jazzy almost Pat Methenyesque vibe to it. Really love how the song keeps the good feelings rolling along all the way to the end.

Friends 4

Friends of the Fish 4 gallops out of the gate with the Me and My Kites track “War”. It’s a wonderfully crafted pop song that has a song structure and pacing that you rarely hear these days. The songwriting shows maturity and a depth that recalls bands from the late ’60s early ’70s and is definitely a showstopper of a tune crying out for a wider audience.

On the flip side are Welsh band Soft Hearted Scientists with their track “Surferella”. The track is a straight-ahead surf tune rife with tremolo-laden guitar. I really enjoy how the band keeps it light and seems to be having plenty of fun. This is the perfect song to listen to while holding a beer at a beach luau.

I’m really impressed by these two records and as a means to introduce punters to bands they may be unfamiliar these 4 tracks have definitely whet my appetite for more.

DOWNLOAD: “Soma”, “Sungaze”, “War”, and “Surferella”


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