Various Artists – Fac. Dance: Factory Records 12-Inch Mixes and Rarities 1980-1987

January 01, 1970



Don’t expect to find much Joy Division or New Order on the
new Factory Records compilation, Fac. Dance. There is actually a song by
the latter, the original 12-inch version of “Confusion,” but most of these
tracks are from artists you may have never heard of before, although they will
sound strangely familiar. That’s because the most recent crop of
post-punk-you-can-dance-to bands like LCD Soundsystem and !!! have clearly
taken many cues from the Factory roster.


Standouts like Quando Quango’s “Love Tempo” and Section 25’s
Martin Hannett-produced “Dirty Disco” would fit right at home on DFA. There are
some weird selections here, like the crazed skronk-funk of Blurt’s “Puppeteer”
and Shark Vegas’ Miami Vice-aping “Pretenders of Love.” But even these
bring something fresh and interesting to a label you may have thought you were
mostly familiar with.


Tempo,” “Pretenders of Love” JONAH FLICKER

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