VARIOUS ARTISTS – Dual Form / THE CYCLIST – Bones in Motion

Album: Dual Form / Bones in Motion

Artist: Various Artists / The Cyclist

Label: Leaving-Stones Throw

Release Date: June 04, 2013

Dual Form /


If you were to have told me 7 years ago as I was about to send my heaping Glad bag of old cassettes to the local Goodwill to hold off on giving them up for charity because they will be a hot commodity in 2013, I would’ve laughed in your face on my way to the cashier for my tax exemption form.

But lo and beholden, tapes are quickly becoming the new vinyl, evident in the way young labels are offering their releases in the once-archaic format. And leading the charge is Leaving Records, launched in 2009 by abstract Los Angeles beatsmith Matthewdavid and his designer girlfriend Jessellisa Moretti. Dual Form is the quintessential idiot’s guide to this most adventurous endeavor while simultaneously celebrating the micro label’s new partnership with Los Angeles abstract groove merchants Stones Throw.

This intriguing and at times puzzling collection is custom made to extrapolate the diverse tastes of Leaving’s curators, filled with names both known to many (Odd Nosdam, Sun Araw, DNTEL) and an elite few (dak, Run DMT, Trance Farmers), but ultimately indicative of Matthewdavid and Moretti’s itch for the abstract and experimental in modern creative beat music. In many ways, Dual Form is the electronic underground’s equivalent to Brian Eno’s No New York, offering its listeners an advanced education on sounds they might not have previously dug beforehand.

And who better to emerge from the launchpad of this compilation than The Cyclist, a young man from Liverpool, England, whose concepts about dance are as diverse as the pop crafted by his former townsmen The Beatles 50 years ago. For his full-length debut Bones In Motion, the 19-year-old producer takes the concept of mindless house music and smashes it into shards of fractured rhythms that toys with the repetition of techno like the wobbly wheel of a mountain bike going full speed down a steep hill, as kinetic cuts like “Feel Beauty” and “Sleeping” can attest.

Indeed, it will be most interesting and exciting to see what other sonic spawn the marriage of these two intrepid imprints will bring forth to the listening public. Well, at least those with an open mind.

DOWNLOAD: From Dual Form: “Windy Windy” (DNTEL), “Sisters” (Odd Nosdam), “Purple Hay” (Trance Farmers)/From Bones in Motion: “Feel Beauty”, “Bones in Motion”, “Sleeping”

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