Various Artists – Document

January 01, 1970

(Spectral Sound)


The leadoff track on Document speaks volumes; “Got No Place to
Go” is the raw, hissing, borderline abrasive work of Chicago house producer Jamal
“Hieroglyphic Being” Moss. As an introduction to this aural portrait
of Spectral Sound, the dance music spinoff of Michigan’s Ghostly International label,
“Got No Place”
is fittingly little more than grungy beat machine spasms and the shrill pangs
that are the best cymbal sounds you’re going to find in Moss’s no-nonsense club
music. Spectral’s inaugural release – late 2000’s “Irreparably
Dented” from Detroit favorite Matthew Dear, who helped shape the label –
doesn’t sound that far off from Moss’ spare effort, incidentally. It’s similar
to “Got No Place” in its thorny structure and metallic properties, if
a bit more polished. While it can be said that “Irreparably” was
illustrative of the floor plan for Spectral Sound, which eventually spawned the
growling, sexually driven techno debut from Dear’s Audion project as well as
James T. Cotton’s worming acid house (both of whom make Document appearances), there is also a warmer, minimally dressed
segment of the label. Sadly, lush house outings from Sami Koivikko or Daso
& Pawas aren’t here to temper the collection, but undeniable dancefloor
coziness from Kate Simko and Gadi Mizrahi fill that slot, leaving the rest of
Spectral’s diversity to be explored independently. This is by no means a bad


Standout Tracks: “Zhivago,” “Got No Place To Go” DOMINIC UMILE



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