Various Artists – Cheap Tricks in a Box: Dining Out Records 1979-1982

January 01, 1970

(Dining Out/Cherry


obscure Dining Out label didn’t exist for a long time or anything though it was
around long enough for John Peel to call a few of the bands his favorites – not
completely hard to believe as the late Peel had a lot of records and many, many
favorites.  If any label was going to
unearth these would be gems it might as well be the tireless Cherry Red label
and its seemingly hundreds of offshoots.


What you’re
looking at is 23 songs from bands you probably heard of (the Adicts, the
Sinatras, etc.) and several you probably have not (Club Tango, Farm Life, the
Swinging Laurels, etc.), but several surprises are on this compilation as
well.  Genres be damned, as these bands
cross the prairie with everything from new wave preciousness to off-kilter pop
to bent post-punk and a few other u-turns as well.


The Clockwork
Orange-lookin’ Adicts offer some cool, spazzy pop (especially the opening “Easy
Way Out”) while the creepy Disco Zombies toil in a murkier territory. In the
more oddball bunch is the out there Occult Chemistry who offer up two songs,
one called “Fire” and the other called “Water” and Club Tango deliver a
low-end, funky hip shake in “Performance.” 
For more straight-up pop dig the Fifty Fantastics’ “God’s Got Religion”
and the Sinatras’ terrific (should’ve been a hit) “Happy Feeling” and let’s not
forget New Age’s anthem, “Jane Fonda.”


In addition to
being a nice mix of stuff many of these cuts are from long-out-of-print 45s,
too. For once play it unsafe and dig
into the unique catalog of Dining Out Records. Go on…


DOWNLOAD: “Easy Way Out,” “The Beat Goes On,” “God’s
Got Religion,” “Happy Feeling,” “Jane Fonda,” “Changing Trains” TIM HINELY



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