VARIOUS ARTISTS – Book a Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records

Album: Book a Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Now Sounds/Cherry Red

January 01, 1970

Book A Trip 2


A few thoughts here, first, may I please take a trip through the vaults of Capitol Records? It seems like every year they are clearing out the vaults with more of this classic trippy pop stuff. Secondly, I must come clean and admit that I have never heard the first volume of this series but after how terrific this one is I need to hear Volume 1, pronto.

Volume 2 offers 24 songs (all, of course, from the original master tapes) that were all from Capitol singles from 1966-1969. Curator/producer/label owner/liner note writer Steve Stanley has done a great job of rounding up the cream of the crop on here. I’ve only heard of a few of the bands on here and the only reason I have is because Stanley reissued a few collections by them on Now Sounds (The Knack (60’s band), The Sugar Shoppe, etc.).

A few of the songs that jumped out at me on here are The Byrdsy The Tombstones with the terrific jingle jangle of “Times Will Be Hard”, the swirly jump of These Vizitors (doing “For Mary’s Sake”), Jesse Lee Kincaid doing the horn-tootin’ “Masquerade”, the completely familiar (I know I’ve heard it before) “October Country” by Raw Edge, the blue sky day of “Trolley Car line” by Timothy Clover and really, too much more.

How much more of this stuff is out there? What’ left in the vaults? I don’t know but if it’s in the psych-pop variety I’m sure Steve Stanley will travel the ends of the earth (or at least all over Los Angeles) and find out for us.

DOWNLOAD:  “Times Will Be Hard,” “For Mary’s Sake,” “Masquerade,” “October Country,” “Groovy Day” “Trolley Car Line”

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