Various Artists – A Tribute To Os Mutantes: El Justiciero Cha Cha Cha

January 01, 1970



Sergio Días, Arnaldo Baptista and Rita Lee conceived of Os
Mutantes in 1966 as a free flying brand of world psychedelia without realizing
they were creating such expressionistic new music. They were probably just
Brazilian kids heading the same way as fellow Tropicalistas Ze, Veloso and Gil.
Yet forty-four years after their start, the trio’s weird world is still the
sort of inviting planet that nu-Latin alternativistos (that’s a stretch) want
to visit and play on.


Here then is a El
Justiciero Cha Cha Cha
dedicated to/but removed from the wild legacy of Os
Mutanes with illustrations by group member Baptista and the infectious spirit
of revolution throughout that inspired its originators. Unlike the majority of
“tribute” efforts, each contributor is spot on with the heroes’ merry messiness
and absorbs the raucous but delicately intricate web of nuance and beauty into
their own sounds. Neither Aterciopelados (with help from Sérgio Dias) nor Café
Tacuba need help facing the strange yet their contributions (“Vida De Cachorro”
and “O Relógio” respectively) go further than even their usual mad mien to
embrace Mutantes’ massively pixie-ish delights. Thankfully.


Herrero & Arnaldo Antunes – “Beija-Me, Amor”     Rosal – “Hey Boy”     Silvia
Pérez – “Disculpe, Babe” A.D. AMOROSI

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