VAMPIRE WEEKEND – Modern Vampires of the City (Review #2)

Album: Modern Vampires of the City

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Label: XL Recordings

Release Date: May 14, 2013

Vampire Weekend


 If you’ve read any of the reviews of Vampire Weekend’s latest full length you know pack journalism is still alive and well with music writers in this country.  Judging from the breathless reviews and critics tripping over themselves to place a crown on these boys, you’d be forgiven for thinking zombie John Lennon was resurrected and recruited Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon and Kurt Cobain on backing vocals for Modern Vampires of the City.  

 The one exception so far being BLURT kingmaker Fred Mills’ very succinct two word (well, one word hyphenated), one star, review of this record. I happen to stand somewhere in the middle between Mills and the hordes of Vampire Weekend fan boys, sorry, objective music critics. This album, though not nearly as interesting as their debut, nor as disappointing as their sophomore record, includes a handful of solid pop songs that rely heavily on tight melodies and some cool studio tricks (showcased best on ““Step” and “Diane Young”).

 The problem is the album starts to wear thin about halfway in and never really gets back the strength of those first few songs. That and the precious, preppie indie vibe starts to grate with repeated listens. Maybe an EP would have been a better idea.   

 DOWNLOAD: “Unbelievers,” “Step” and “Diane Young”

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