VAADAT CHARIGIM — Sinking As a Stone

Album: Sinking As a Stone

Artist: Vaadat Charigim

Label: Burger

Release Date: May 19, 2015



Vaadat Charigim uses the most primal rock ‘n roll equipment — guitar, bass, drums — to construct vast, sweeping landscapes of altered tone. Pedals and amp manipulation feature prominently in the band’s serene but loud-as-fuck aesthetic, as they do in all the bands this Israeli trio references (to start MBV, Ride, Slowdive, Swervedriver), but so do melodies. Even sung in Hebrew, without any kind of narrative context (at least for English speakers), the tunefulness breaks through songs like “Klum” and “Eim Li Makom” like sun through clouds of mist. And anyway, knowing the words might diminish these enormous sonic structures, pin them down into specifics and deflate them.

Vaadat Charigim’s guitarist Yuval Haring used to be in a band called TV Buddhas, which worked a strung-out, psychedelic form of post-punk that sounded like Richard Hell on ecstasy. This new outfit works similar magic on the shoegaze oeuvre, opening out the noise and fuzz into radiant arcs of rainbow color. The scale and glacial pace and sheer gorgeousness might remind you a little of Sigur Ros, a band that, come to think of it, never let you in on the words either.

DOWNLOAD: “Klum” “Imperia Achrona”


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