USELESS EATERS – Singles 2011-2014

Album: Singles 2011-2014

Artist: Useless Eaters

Label: Slovenly

Release Date: April 14, 2015

Useless Eaters 4-14


I think I have a single by these guys around here somewhere….and I really like it but never bothered to delve deeper into their catalog. Judging by this comp they apparently have a ton of singles out there – at least one on Tic Tac Totally – and this 13-song CD collected ‘em all. For some reason I had these guys pegged as a Memphis band and they are from there but now based in San Francisco and I’m told by a reliable source that the band is made up of humans and not robots (not sure I believe that though).

Ok, I should say human (not plural) as this is the masterwork of one Seth Sutton who does it all on here (save from a little bit of help from, who else, Ty Segall) and this guy ought to be damn proud of himself. Most of these songs rip, kick and tear in the best possible way (think Jay Reatard or The Spits). My personal favorites are “Dope Clones,” “The Moves,” “American Cars,” “I Hate the Kids” (which is totally over the top) and the choppy “Linear Movement.” You can’t afford the 7”ers (and won’t be able to find ‘em anyway) but this is affordable, I mean, even you can wrangle together $10, right?

DOWNLOAD: “Dope Clones,” “The Moves,” “American Cars,” “I Hate the Kids”

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