Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

January 01, 1970

(Fat Possum)




Unknown Mortal Orchestra is the brainchild of New
Zealand-born, Portland, Oregon-based musician Ruban Nielson, conspired from his
bedroom in the late ‘00s on a steady diet of funky break beats and lo-fi
psych-garage pop. It is a flavorful fusion as unique as the Yugoslavian
Spomenik that graces the cover of his eponymous full-length debut on Fat Possum – and one that stands apart from the
seemingly endless barrage of home-recorded acts who have posted their wares on
Blogger, Bandcamp and Tumblr these days.


Opening cut “Ffunny Ffriends” blasts right out the
gate with a trebly, trembly go-go groove that really sets the precedence for
this half-hour-long journey. From there, Nielson delves further into the
formula he’s concocted to comprise the UMO sound. And its that perfect melding
of “Taxman” shimmy, RZA-fied headsnap, Can-like steadiness and just
the right amount of Flying Nun Records weirdness which makes songs like
“Bicycle”, “Thought Ballune” and “Nerve Damage”
some of the most unique and intriguing rock music to come out of this young
century thus far. It’s no wonder why future-minded cats like El-P and ?uestlove
are rapt with praise on their Twitter feeds.


DOWNLOAD: “Ffunny Ffriends”, “Bicycle”, “Thought Ballune” RON HART

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