U.S. Christmas + Harvestman + Minsk – The Hawkwind Triad

January 01, 1970

(Neurot Recordings)




Three of the most innovative acts in
modern metal pay a fitting tribute to the most underrated band in psych-rock
history with The Hawkwind Triad. With
each band utilizing their own unique aptitudes for sonic exploration – North
Carolina’s bluescore giants U.S. Christmas, Neurosis frontman Steve Von Till’s
space folk side project Harvestman, and Illinois-based post-metalists Minsk – all
step out of their own respective skins to play such Hawkwind epics as “Master
of the Universe” (U.S. Christmas), “Children of the Sun” (Minsk) and “The
Watcher” (Harvestman) with respect to the originals, while adding experimental
embellishments unique characteristic of their own unique niches in the modern
metal landscape. More tribute albums should be as innovative and enjoyable as The Hawkwind Triad.


Standout Tracks: “Master
of the Universe” (U.S.
Christmas), “D. Rider” (Harvestman), “Children of the Sun” (Minsk) RON HART


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