Tyler Ramsey – The Valley Wind

January 01, 1970

(Fat Possum)




Underappreciated tunesmith Tyler Ramsey caught a big break
when he was asked to become Band of Horses’ lead guitarist back in 2007. On
Ramsey’s third album, “The Valley Wind,” it’s obvious his time with the group
has expanded the palette of his solo work. Ramsey still largely delivers
intimate minimalist folk filled with intensely personal lyrics and delicate
finger picking in the style of John Fahey, but here he increasingly does it
with an electric guitar and a drum beat behind him. 


Ramsey doesn’t employ the Horses’ full sonic explosions, he does give the
gentle mountain lullaby of “1000 Blackbirds” a nice dose of reverb and the
catchy “Stay Gone” flows with dusty ‘70s rock harmonies. Still, what he does
best is craft heart-string cautionary tales, like the title track, told through
a rustic mellow croon that can’t help but summon Neil Young. Ramsey deserves
his time on the big stage, but thankfully he comes back home to the front porch
in his free time.


Valley Wind,” “Stay Gone.” JEDD FERRIS


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