Tyler Ramsey – A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea

January 01, 1970

(Brown/Fat Possum)




Ed. note: the
following review originally appeared in the January ‘08 issue of BLURT
Harp magazine. The album
was first released on the Asheville-based Echo
Mountain label (Echo Mountain
is also a well-known NC recording studio) and has just been reissued this month
via Fat Possum. We loved it then and we still love it – if you haven’t yet
picked it up, run, don’t walk, to your nearest record emporium.


Tyler Ramsey is just about the luckiest singer-songwriter in
The Asheville, NC, singer-songwriter is suddenly a loud
blip on the indie-rock radar, having joined Band of Horses. With his debut
album just out, the match-up is well-timed. Ramsey’s velvety vocals pull you in
immediately on “Ships,” a sweetly-sad fingerpicked lullaby. “No One Goes Out
Anymore” evokes a melancholy CSNY with close-knit, ‘60s inspired harmonies. A
vivid dream about swimming underwater sets the tone for Ramsey’s debut. The
result is a collection of songs that have a consistently floating, weightless
feel, and brim with water imagery.


Maybe it’s the beards and long hair, but the mellow/moody
Band of Horses lilt and Ramsey’s solo work are definitely in the same
reverb-heavy, vocal-driven vein. Never underestimate the value of bonding over
booze. Ramsey’s induction into Band of Horses started during a beach trip with
frontman Ben Bridwell and Ramsey’s longtime friend, BoH bassist Bill Reynolds.
(“We were just out drinking tequila at this little bar and they asked me to
open up for [a] tour,” explained Ramsey.) When BoH guitarist Robin Perringer
decided to quit, Ramsey was asked to join.


DOWNLOAD: “Ships,” “No One Goes Out Anymore” ALLIE GOOLRICK

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