Tyla J. Pallas – Quinquaginta

January 01, 1970

(King Outlaw)




Having already dropped a remake of his band’s classic album In the Dynamite Jet Saloon earlier this
year, former Dogs D’amour leader Tyla (aka Sean Tyla, aka frontman of Tyla Gang
and now inexplicably calling himself Tyla J. Pallas) returns to his thriving
solo career with Quinquaginta. Essentially
picking up where his last solo record Bloody
Hell Fire
left off, the elegantly wasted British troubadour eschews agendas
and just lays down a dozen songs in his inimitable style, his ravaged growl
thrusting itself atop melodies derived from basic three- and four-chord rock
& roll.


With his patented mix of swagger and sentimentality, Tyla
blasts out rock anthems (“Hang ‘em High,” “Just Another Love Song”), croons
midtempo ballads (“Armada of Hearts”) and serenades the current love of his
life (“Alright (I Will Always Love You),” “Bess”). He pays tribute to actor
Cary Grant in the chipper “Archie Leach From Bristol” and makes a point about…something
in the grim-faced “In the Name.” He also graces the album with “Untouchable,” one
of his absolute best tunes, and one that appears as both a horn-laced pop
anthem and an acoustic folk song.


As always with a Tyla record, it ain’t perfect, thanks to
some awkward lyrics, blatant recycling (the latter-day Dogs D’amour tune “When
Bastards Go to Hell” gets an admittedly superior remake) and occasionally
overripe singing. But shaving off the flaws of Tyla music would rob it of much
of its charm – the man practically comes tattooed with the motto “What you see
is what you get.” Stained irrevocably by hard living, Tyla embodies the image
of a rock & roll outlaw, with more conviction in his little toe than in all
the X Factor competitors’ bodies
combined. No innovation here, admittedly, but why bother when it ain’t broke?


DOWNLOAD: “Untouchable,”
“Archie Leach From Bristol,”
“Just Another Love Song” MICHAEL TOLAND

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