January 01, 1970





Bay area
garage rock wizard Ty Segall is a madman in terms of productivity. Twins bumps the notches in his only
5-year-old belt of LPs up to eight, give or take a few depending on
qualifications. So it’s fitting he’s gone all-out epic here, apparently aware
of his time-honed chops. And despite how often he churns out work, this is
steadfast and cohesive.


higher-than-ever vocals ring like a choir commissioned by Satan against guitar
solos that serve as perilous rip currents in the scuzziest of seas. “Thank God
for the Sinners” treads lightly before slicing Twins open at the chorus. “You’re the Doctor” stands as most
frenetic, while the acoustic “Gold on the Shore” offers some calm to the
calamity. The record closes with the heavy drone of “There is No Tomorrow”
leaves a bleak residue, an almost frightening desolation after the chaos. This
is a start-to-finish ordeal, disastrously underserved as singles. Twins is Segall’s Iliad.


DOWNLOAD: “You’re the Doctor,” “Hand Glams” -JHONI JACKSON

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