Album: Foolish Blood

Artist: Two Hours Traffic

Label: Bumstead

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Two Hours Traffic


 Dreadful name aside, Canada’s Two Hours Traffic continues to churn out one remarkable album after another. Like a reincarnated Big Star, complete with sweet melodies that last for days and hooks sharp enough to piece flesh, the band’s latest Foolish Blood (their seventh if you loop in EPs), is one of their strongest efforts to date.

 This is their first record without guitarist and co-founder Alec O’Hanley, but the band seems to be doing just fine thanks to a little line up shuffle (Bassist Andrew MacDonald moved over to guitar and newbie Nathan Gill picks up the bass).

 Yes, the bright light dims here and there (“Amour Than Amis” would probably have been better left back in the studio), but songs like the album opener “Magic,” “Last Star” and the infectious “I Don’t Want 2 Want U” work wonders to make you think you’re listening to the second coming of everyone from The Knack to Material Issue.

 Who knew the saviors of Power Pop would actually come from the Great White North?

 DOWNLOAD: “Magic,” “Last Star” and “I Don’t Want U”

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