TWO GALLANTS — We Are Undone

Album: We Are Undone

Artist: Two Gallants

Label: ATO

Release Date: February 03, 2015

Two Gallants 2-3


What starts out sounding like Black Sabbath on LSD, gradually unfolds as something quite intriguing — far more so in fact than that erratic sound initially offered. Despite their razor sharp edges, Two Gallants can be surprisingly subtle, although admittedly it takes some patience to wade through the racket.

The title track and the songs that follow present the greatest challenge, but midway through the set, the tone and timbre change. What begins as a testament to irreverent indulgence gradually smooths out its edges and finds more melodic constraints. “There’s So Much I Don’t Know,” “Katy Kruelly” and “My Man Go” are quite lovely indeed, a testament to the duo’s aptitude, more so than to their insurgent attitude. Still, one must commend them for taking some chances and avoiding the tried and true. Though there are portions of We Are Undone which could definitely be considered unhinged, nothing here suggests they’re even close to being undone at this stage. Certainly not by a long shot.

 DOWNLOAD: “There’s So Much I Don’t Know,” “My Man Go,” “Katy Kruelly”

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