Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know

January 01, 1970



Scottish sonic
powerhouse Twilight Sad – now a trio after the departure of bassist Craig Orzel
– returns with third LP No One Can Ever
. The band has evolved its sound as most of the tracks on No One are without one Twilight Sad
staple: layer upon heavy layer of gritty, fuzzed-out guitar and bass. But never
fear; the three gents have created an album that is still quite melodic, dark
and captivating.


Twilight Sad’s
surly soundscapes continue to carry James Graham’s enthralling, heart wrenching
vocals and catchy beats. Where their forte on previous albums rested on the
amount of noise they created, No One’s
strong point is the tense and ominous vibe they produce with the more subdued tracks.
It’s a more keyboard and effects-based album this time; “Nil,” “Sick” and “Kill
It In The Morning” are all fine examples of how they employ fewer sounds.


And while comparison
is often considered the bane of most musicians and the mark of lazy journalism,
one cannot help but detect a heavy Depeche Mode influence on semi-danceable
track “Another Bed.” Nonetheless, Twilight Sad rests themselves in fine
company. No One Can Ever Know proves
simultaneously sparse and emotively dense; and will hopefully leave fans eager
to hear what emergent music they’ll fashion next.


DOWNLOAD: “Alphabet,” “Not Sleeping” APRIL S.

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