Turing Machine – What is the Meaning of What

January 01, 1970

(Temporary Residence Ltd.)




When drummer Jerry Fuchs
tragically lost his life in a 2009 elevator accident in Brooklyn, the void he
left and the repercussions felt in the community were beyond comprehension. The
mustachioed Fuchs was a beloved member of the music realm and his monster
precision auto, impeccable rhythmic timing and ridiculous fills manning the
drum kit was stuff of admiration and legend. He was regularly in-demand, lending
his steady ‘n’ bashing sticks to some of the DFA crew including, LCD Soundsystem
and the Juan MacLean, played with !!! and was a permanent member of Maserati. Arguably,
it was Fuchs’ joining Turing Machine -a band that came to fruition at the end
of the 90’s as a result of the splintering  of both D.C. post-punks Pitchblende and Jon
Fine’s post-Bitch Magnet band, Vineland – that opened up the flurry of his
playing with myriad DFA bands and establishing a rep as one of raddest drummers
on the scene.


With Turing Machine’s 2000
debut A New Machine for Living, the
trio – rounded  out by guitarist Justin
Chearno and bassist Scott DeSimon – helped spur the New York disco-punk
revival, predating The Rapture’s
“House of Jealous Lovers” phenomenon by a few years, the Liars’ early
dance-punk leanings and, of course, the LCD Soundsystem empire. Turing Machine
built their gritty, all-instrumental, guitar theatrics on the foundation of
repetition and groove with a dance sensibility-coincidentally New Machine was produced by
then-unknowns named James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy. Notorious for their
snail-like recording pace and rare live gigs, TM’s waited a long four years to
offer up sophomore LP Zwei, which
extended on the formula of its debut record.



Turing Machine – Slave To The Algorithm by Temporary Residence Ltd



Tracing the origins of
Turing Machine’s third long-player — entitled What is the Meaning of What in its trademark esoteric vernacular – goes
back to 2008 when the trio recorded a weekend’s worth of demos in upstate New York. The following
year Fuchs’ accident occurred and Chearno and DeSimon put the record, and band,
on hold, as they dealt with the tragedy. Ultimately, the duo recruited ex-LCD
drummer Pat Mahoney to help them complete the demos Fuchs had recorded and
readied them for What. Chearno’s
earlier guitar gyrations and dissonant clutter were reduced while supplementing
the newfound minimalism with new wave-y synth throbs and nuances and replacing
DeSimon’s formerly tinny and damaged bass lines with glossy, smoothed over


As is their wont since its
inception, Turing Machine focus is on movement and What is the Meaning of What is a copious groove intensive monster
of a dance-punk record. Each of its seven songs are potential singles and
re-mix ripe, from the hyperactive new wave flamethrower “Yeah, C’mon!” to dance
floor whip-snapping burners “Slave to the Algorithm” and “If It’s Gone (It’s
On).” The fusion of Chearno’s gyrating and shredding guitar riffage, DeSimon
and Fuchs’ impenetrable rhythmic anchor juxtaposing with percolating synth
action may have you forgetting LCD Soundsystem called it quits. What is the Meaning of What is depicts a
band’s determination in completing a record in the face of tragedy and it’s a
stellar document of the late Fuchs’ seamless craft.


to the Algorithm” BRAD COHAN



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