Truth & Salvage Co. – Truth & Salvage Co.

January 01, 1970

(Silver Arrow/Megaforce Recordings)


In the early ‘70s, Elton John recorded “Country Comforts”
and subsequently released an album called Tumbleweed
, a set of songs seeped in classic Americana. The only thing was, Elton was a
Brit whose cultural connection to the material was as far removed as one could


Likewise, Truth & Salvage Co.’s ties to the classic
country rock sound of the early ‘70s, purveyed by bands like Poco, the Flying
Burrito Brothers and the New Riders of the Purple Sage, initially seems just as
unlikely. Several of the members originally hail from the North
Carolina mountains (Asheville/Black Mountain area) where they had
a quirky, jamband-tilting outfit called Scrappy Hamilton, and upon relocating
to L.A. they
gravitated to the Hotel Café conglomerate where the musicians gathered for late
night jams and the T&SC lineup gradually coalesced. Regardless, it’s been a
good 40 years since those aforementioned outfits brewed their classic strains
of rock ‘n’ roll glee and idyllic imagery. While the Truth & Salvage crew’s
songwriting credentials might have them perfectly positioned to craft a similar
sound, their starry-eyed outlook and its
references to mountain vistas, endless highways and down-home designs is rarely
emanated by today’s breed of down trod troubadours. 


Fortunately, although such ramblings may seem out of sync
with today’s stressful environs, the feelings of joy and celebration revived in
such easily enticing entries as “Welcome To LA,” “See Her,” “Old Piano” and
“Jump the Ship” make the band’s self titled debut a tonic for troubled times.
When they harmonize about the ecstasy of basking in true love, as in the old
time revival of “She Really Does It For Me” with its clap-along chorus, the
effusive feelings are all but irresistible. Likewise, “Hail Hail” is a rousing
way to herald their arrival, a most appropriate welcome for this eager young


: “Welcome to LA,” “Old Piano,” “She Really Does It For Me”


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