Trishas – High, Wide and Handsome

January 01, 1970



Dixie Chicks. Red Molly. Wailin’ Jennys. Be Good Tanyas.
There’s no shortage of feisty females who bond together and create cool roots
music. Add the Trishas to that list, and while their resume, both individually
and collectively, reflect careers that are still in the formative stages, High,
Wide and Handsome, their first full-length effort suggests they
have both the skills and the smarts to make the leap to the big time on
relatively short notice.


Euphoric harmonies are clearly their stock in trade, but the
combination of down-home, back-porch instrumentation and songs that already
sound like standards contribute to their winning brew. Savannah Welch comes by
her talents naturally; her dad Kevin Welch is a certified alt-country standard
bearer. The other members of the quartet – Liz Foster, Jamie Wilson and Kelley
Mickwee — boast their own individual pedigrees, but in reality, it’s the sound
they make in tandem – airy, effusive and utterly embracing – that affirms the
Trishas’ talents. There isn’t a single tune here that fails to meet that bar,
but if hard pressed to identify standouts, songs such as “Mother of Invention,”
“Liars & Fools” and “Looking At Me” provide fine examples of their
exhilarating and yet wholesome technique. On the other hand, the seductive and
seriously soulful “Cold Blooded Love,” the longing ode to Billie Holliday
“Rainin’ Inside” and the gorgeous ballad that belies its name, “The Fool,” also
spotlight their strengths.


To sum up, these Trishas are terrific, and High,
Wide and Handsome provides all the proof needed.


DOWNLOAD: “Mother of Invention,” “Liars
& Fool,” “The Fool” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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