TRIGGER HIPPY – Trigger Hippy

Album: Trigger Hippy

Artist: Trigger Hippy

Label: Rounder

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Trigger Hippy 9-30


Anyone who claims the era of the so-called “super group” passed into oblivion after the late ‘60s   with all the hoopla that accompanied such all-star pairings as Blind Faith and Crosby Stills and Nash might want to reconsider after checking out the eponymous debut by the cleverly-dubbed Trigger Hippy. An all-star assemblage that includes veterans Joan Osborne and Jackie Greene, Trigger Hippy recalls such vintage communal combos as Janis and Big Brother, Stoneground and the Grateful Dead, complete with all the rustic, and, yes, hippy trappings.

An able blend of Rock, Blues, Americana and R&B, the band manages to cover all the bases and still operate on all cylinders. That’s especially true when it comes to such soulful entries as “Tennessee Mud,” “Heartache on the Line” and “Rise Up Singing,” where the band’s affinity for roots and gospel inevitably come into play. Osborne seems especially comfortable in this setting; after serving as front woman for the reconstituted Dead, her role here appears to be a natural segue way. Suffice it to say she’s one of Trigger Hippy’s major strengths, but only one of many. Hopefully this amalgam is in it for the long haul because this makes a Trigger Hippy 2 highly anticipated already.

 DOWNLOAD: “Tennessee Mud,” “Heartache on the Line,” “Rise Up Singing”

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