Trigger Hippy – 3/5/20, Atlanta

Dates: March 5, 2010

Location: Aisle 5, Atlanta GA

Text & Photos by John Boydston
The March 5 concert at Atlanta venue Aisle 5 was kind of a homecoming show for former Black Crowes Drummer Steve Gorman, playing a gig with his new band in the city’s Little 5 Points section, where he and that band of brothers first developed that Black Crowes sound and struck out for fame and fortune many years ago. I braved the elements and ahem, other stuff, to check ‘em out, and photos are here:
Trigger Hippy is a band of Nashville cats that play clean as country water, and get as funky as Etta James (to twist a couple of musical references from John Sebastian and Bob Welch). That’s the deal with Nashville players; they are cream of the crop, and Gorman has put together a hot ensemble of ‘em along with guitarist Ed Jurdi (Band of Heathens), Nick Govrik on bass, and out front with vocals and sax is Amber Woodhouse.
Trigger Hippy, which released its first EP in 2013 and followed up with a full-length studio release for Rounder in 2014 (reviewed here), seems to be somewhat of a rotating cast of players. Their first LP featured singer Joan Osborne in fact.  The band did some recent shows touring in support of 2019’s full-length Full Circle and Then Some.   At times funky, I hear a lot of Little Feat, early Bonnie Raitt,  and lots of fine Southern rock, harmony, and soul.  And speaking of Nashville Cats, that was young gun Sol Philcox-Littlefield wailing over there on his vintage Gibson and Fender Tweed Deluxe.  The interplay between him and Jurdi on guitars also a highlight – a technique of dual guitar soloing few will dare and even fewer can pull off, but these cats hit mark after mark.
There are only a couple more dates listed for the year, but the band details are here:

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