Trey Gunn/Marco Minnemann – Modulator

January 01, 1970

(7D Media)


It’s a premise many an experimental musician might love:
Trey Gunn, touch guitarist extraordinaire and former King Crimson gadfly, was
given a 51-minute drum track by associate Marco Minnemann and told, “Have at
it.” The result is Modulator, nearly
an hour of half-composed/half-improvised instrumental prog, divided into 22
cuts. Gunn uses his various fretless, touch and regular guitars to float all sorts
of strange noises – only some of them recognizable as riffs – over Minnemann’s
variable grooves, holding the whole mess together with rubbery basslines.


Crimson fans will certainly be acquainted with Gunn’s
distinctive technique, though there’s not much here that sounds like KC, and
improvisational music fans will appreciate his attempt at creating melodies
amidst the clatter. It’s unlikely listeners unfamiliar with the principals
involved will give much of a hoot, however.


Standout tracks:
“Fall Time -/+,” “Spray II” MICHAEL TOLAND


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