Album: Lost

Artist: Trentemoller

Label: HFN Music

Release Date: September 24, 2013



 Danish producer Anders Trentemoller creates ambient electronic music like no other as he sends his listeners on an emotional sonic journey. For his third LP, Trentemoller does not stray from his chilled, ambient staple and constructs an album that weaves a moody, dark undertone to light and airy vocals. Trentemoller has pulled together a wide array of sounds; if these songs were not on the same album one may think each track was crafted by different artists; this proves to be equally an impressive feat and frustrating factor for #Lost# as the shift in ambiance is sometimes jarring.

 Seven guest vocalists, each appearing on their own song, aid in the range of sounds on the 12 track album. Second single, “Candy Tongue,” ft. Marie Fisker is genteel, ethereal and has a sense of whimsical doom while “Deceive,” and its darkly sensual music, is enhanced by The Raveonettes’ Sune Wagner’s reserved vocals. In fact, Trentemoller has amassed vocalists who are known for their subtle vocal styles, Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino and Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter. Tracks that do not bear vocals could easily be the soundtrack for a cool Western, “Trails” or an enigmatic, futuristic sci-fi, “Light on Fire.” The mixtape of emotions Trentemoller has produced on Lost is proof of his virtuosity.

 DOWNLOAD: “Deceive,” “Gravity”

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