Trampled By Turtles – Stars and Satellites

January 01, 1970

(Thirty Tigers)


For starters, the name isn’t the only thing that’s unusual
about this ramshackle outfit from the outlands of Minnesota. While their
primary preoccupation is with bluegrass, they purposely lack the overt
exuberance that defines other artists of that ilk. For the most part, they keep
a low cast disposition, one preoccupied with contemplation and rumination.


Still, their Americana authenticity boasts its charms, and
when they do delve into more up-tempo realms – as in the dual fiddle frenzy of
both “Walt Whitman” and “Risk” and the robust mandolin strum of the
instrumental “Don’t Look Down” — they elevate the proceedings to a decidedly
energetic level. Nevertheless, the best effort of the set ultimately becomes
“Keys to Paradise,” an upbeat offering that retains the Trampling Turtles’
delicate deliberation while maximizing both the melody and momentum. All things
considered, Stars and Satellites is
easily this band’s best effort yet.


DOWNLOAD: “Keys to Paradise,”
“Walt Whitman,” “Risk” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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