Trainwreck Riders – Perch

January 01, 1970

(Alive Natural Sound)


Like its two predecessors, Perch is nothing less than a rousing, carousing brouhaha of an
album, an apt reflection of the Trainwreck Rider’s confluence of pop, punk and
alt country influences. Being from San Francisco, the band’s freewheeling
spirit would seem a given, but their upstart insurgence puts them in the same
realms as Green on Red, Uncle Tupelo, the Mekons and Rank and File, bands that
fostered a down home delivery upended by rowdy, reckless abandon.   In this case however, the band seems better
able to channel that unfettered energy into something more tuneful, showing
they’ve made concessions to more melodic constraints. 


The earnest down home ramble of “Trainwreck Heart” “Livin’
Daylight” and “Chug Along” suggest the emergence a more engaging attitude.  Likewise, closer listens to “Weight of the
Day” and “Saw Your Eyes” offer evidence the band’s been rummaging through some
older albums recently, possibly pillaging the Kinks and the Jayhawks,
respectively.  Agreed, fans may find that
somewhat suspect, especially in light of their proclivity to charge ahead at
full throttle. Fortunately though, they can be assured that any incidence of
restraint will likely never derail the Trainwreck Rider’s edgier instincts.


Standout Tracks: “I Saw Your Eyes,” “Weight of the Day” LEE ZIMMERMAN




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