Traffic Sound – Virgin

January 01, 1970




they originally formed in 1968, Traffic Sound was considered a supergroup akin
to the likes of Blind Faith in their native land
of Lima, Peru, comprised of members of such
popular local groups as Los Hang Tens and Los Mads among others.


initially started out as an all-covers band that took the songs of The Doors,
Cream and Jimi Hendrix and put an Andean spin on them while also absorbing the
music of such envelope pushing English acts as Pink Floyd, Blodwyn Pig, Iron
Butterfly and The Soft Machine. But it wasn’t until the members of Traffic
Sound heard the first Santana LP and how Carlos Santana integrated his own
Mexican heritage into his group’s brand of West Coast rock did they find
themselves inspired to utilize their U.S.
and UK
influences for their own original material.


this time, Peru
was in the throes of a military coup, whose extreme left-wing anti-American
dictatorship, imposing abrupt and
constraining reforms against its citizens. But such political actions inspired
the band to hold tight to their roots in American and British music even
tighter in defiance of their oppressors. Using their minds and pens as weapons,
their outstanding 1969 debut, Virgin, saw the Sound writing tunes about
stoned Incas, lab-created hallucinogens and escaping tyranny on songs like
“Meshkalina”, “Jews Caboose” and “Yellow Sea
Days” through an Afro-Latin fusion of prog, psychedelia and heavy, heady
guitar crunch that precedes The Mars Volta by a generation.


straight reissue courtesy of Munster Records finds Virgin not only
making its debut on compact disc, but also here in North
America in terms of official availability. And it certainly has been
a long time coming. Traffic Sound released two more albums, an eponymous
sophomore LP in 1971 (also known as III and Tibet’s Suzettes) and
Lux, which followed later that same year, before disbanding in 1972.
Here’s hoping that Munster, who has done such a phenomenal job in reintroducing
scores of lost Rock En Espanol classics into the marketplace over the last
decade, will continue to school this nation on the genius of Traffic Sound by
making these two works available as well.


DOWNLOAD: “Jews Caboose”, “Yellow Sea Days” RON HART

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