Tracey Thorn – Extended Plays 2010-2011

January 01, 1970



Tracey Thorn’s trajectory from pop princess to disco diva
reaches its apex with this compilation of sorts chronicling her dance-driven
successes of the past few years. Consisting mainly of remixes and the
occasional cover, it finds her emphasizing the persistent beat that’s lately
made her such a hit with the late night club crowd. For those un-swayed by a
tedious pulse that persists through multiple takes of the same song, the
enticement quickly wears thin, but in-between those plodding rhythms the
occasional melody provides some inducement.


“Taxi Cab,” a Vampire Weekend remake, a Sufjan Stevens cover
called “Sister Winter,” and the first of five versions of “Why Does the Wind?”
fare best in terms of melodic enticement and sensual suggestion, but that’s
sparse value considering the disc and a half of material that taxes endurances
to simply get there. For the most part, the appeal of Extended Plays extends only to diehard devotees.


Cab,” “Why Does the Wind?”, “Sister Winter” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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