Toulouse Engelhardt – Toulousology

January 01, 1970

Grove Arts)


might not hear Toulouse Engelhardt spoken amongst such great names of  finger style folk guitar as John Fahey, Leo
Kottke, Robbie Basho, Max Ochs and Bukka White. But that should all change with
the release of Toulousology, a 17-track collection that offers a
definitive look at the Wisconsin-born musician’s key role as the last member of
the Takoma Seven, the aforementioned posse of string masters who recorded for
Fahey’s influential record label during the years 1959 to 1976.


penchant for incorporating elements of The Sentinels and The Ventures into his
style of American Primitivism, which took root during his first guitar lesson
from jazz legend Larry Carlton who taught him how to replicate “Walk Don’t
Run”, earned him the handle “The Segovia of Surf” in reference
to famed Spanish classical guitar virtuoso Andrés Segovia. It was a direction
that gave him a unique sense of individuality which set him apart from his
peers in the Seven, and can be clearly heard across this great compilation that
covers the years 1976 to 2009 and cherry picks from such acclaimed titles as
his debut album Toulousions (“Fire in O’Doodlee’s Popcorn
Factory” and the brilliant riff on the Nathaniel Hawthorne story
“Young Goodman Brown Joined the Confederacy Today”) and his
outstanding reinvention of Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone from the Sun”
from A Child’s Guide to Einstein, his 2004 collaboration with Nigerian
percussionist Remi Kabaka. And as you listen to Toulousology, all you
can do is wonder why this man isn’t more revered in realms beyond the elite
ranks of Martin and PIedmont geeks who try to
emulate his style at the local Sam Ash.


you are in the market of furthering your education on the Takoma school of
acoustic alchemy, you have nothing to lose in checking out Toulouse Engelhardt.


DOWNLOAD: “Fire in O’Doodlee’s Popcorn Factory”,
“Third Stone from the Sun” RON HART


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