TORN HAWK—Let’s Cry and Do Push-Ups at the Same Time

Album: Let’s Cry and Do Push-Ups at the Same Time

Artist: Torn Hawk

Label: Mexican Summer

Release Date: November 11, 2014



Torn Hawk’s Luke Wyatt builds shimmering, not-quite-legible dreamscapes out of synth tones, drum beats, samples and heavily effected guitar. A video artist, as well as musician, his cuts have a cinematic, wide-angle focus, evoking both restless motion and serenity.

This third full-length, after a slew of singles, fills out his sound, soothing abrasive beats with a floating fog of sustained notes. “I’m Flexible,” for instance, a remake of his 2013 cut “Time for Thick” pushes its chirruping keyboard cadence back into the mix behind a luminous miasma of tone. “She Happens” is even airier and more diffuse, with big synth washes that loft like hot air balloons from one note to the next. The friction you might remember from 2012’s Tarifa EP has been softened, brightened and calmed.

Wyatt uses guitar sounds in interesting ways, for clangorous contrast in ethereal “She Happens,” for stinging emphasis on “Afterchrome,” for bright arcs of color in “Lessons from the Edge,” which, with its cathedral-echoing meshes of tone and overtone, might (just might) be a reference to U2’s guitar player. Well, probably not, you’re better off dropping names like Neu! and Kraftwerk to get a bead on Torn Hawk. There’s a spiritual glow filtered over these cuts’ relentless progression. It’s as if they were chugging along doggedly on the way towards infinity and somewhere in the process, they jumped the rails and vaulted skyward.

DOWNLOAD: “I’m Flexible” “Acceptance Speech”

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