Tori Amos – Night of Hunters

January 01, 1970

(Deutsche Grammophon)


It’s easy to dismiss Tori Amos’ latest album without even
hearing it.  Hasn’t Amos spent enough
time as a musical multiple personality, stretching herself and her art into
various musical personalities as some have huffed, citing Strange Little Girls, Tales
of a Librarian
and American Doll


What a pity for them. There’s so much more to Amos’ latest
music than the alter egos she occasionally dons. The one-time child prodigy is
a celebrated virtuoso for a reason. Doubters need only listen to her
ever-masterful piano playing – intertwined with orchestral movements and  her as-distinctive-as-Stevie-Nicks’ voice –
on the opening track, “Shattering
Sea,” to confirm
that. Those that love her jauntier and instrumentally sparse tunes —
“Happy Phantom” comes to mind — will find special reason to love
“Edge of the Moon.” And “Battle of Trees” is something akin
to “Blood Roses” without that song’s angst.


If concept albums aren’t your thing, so be it. But if a rare
musical vision is, you’d be foolish to pass up Night of Hunters.


DOWNLOAD: “Edge of the Moon,” “Shattering Sea” NANCY DUNHAM

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