Torche – Songs for Singles

January 01, 1970


(Hydra Head)


“You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the world” is the
mantra of New York’s
all-news AM radio station WINS. That span of time might be well and good for
one to catch the headlines of the day, but falls quite short on expectations
when you have to wait over two years to hear new material from one of the best
post-stoner metal bands rattling the American landscape. The Miami-based trio
is calling its follow-up to 2008’s brain-melting masterstroke Meanderthal an LP.


But as good as these eight quintessential Torche rockers
that make up Songs for Singles may be,
particularly the epic closing number “Out Again,” to call this a full-length
album at just 22 minutes long just has gyp written all over it – almost like
when you get a tiny amount of pasta on a massive dinner plate at your local
Macaroni Grill. Torche can call this a longplayer all day long. But don’t get
it twisted-to quote the Digital Underground, “This is an EP release.”


“Arrowhead” RON HART

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