TOM FREUND — Two Moons

Album: Two Moons

Artist: Tom Freund

Label: Surf Road

Release Date: July 14, 2015

Tom Freund 7-16


It’s almost inconceivable to understand how an artist like Tom Freund can consistently put out one remarkable album after another and still come up short when it comes to widespread admiration and appreciation. After all, here’s a guy who’s put out countless recordings and never faltered as far as an indelible melody is concerned. His music sounds like it’s been circulating in the ethos forever and merely awaiting the arrival of someone so gifted and talented to take them and make them real for the world. Harnessing both poignancy and perspective, the self-produced Two Moons offers Freund’s typically contemplative view of life, love and generally all things that matter in today’s uncertain realms, doing so through melodies that resonate with feeling and finesse.

Freund declares his wholehearted independence with the album’s most significant song, “Lemme Be Who I Wanna Be,” an appropriate anthem for any middle-aged man who’s trying to avoid a sense of disconnect (“I’m basically hooked on this life/it’s got a lot of problems/but it treats me real right/and you don’t have to agree with me/but let me fly my freak flag”), before settling into a mood of wistful reflection on the innocent and idyllic “Happy Day Lunch Box,” the lovely and sublime “Sugar Pie” and the sweetly nostalgic “Mind of Your Own,” songs that celebrate living without any hint of remorse. Indeed, Two Moons is, if nothing else, a celebration of pure sentiment. It’s there even as he amps up the volume on the playful “Grooves Out of My Heart” — which, by the way, ends with a patented Led Zeppelin riff — and it can certainly be found when he fuels his own optimism on the unapologetically sunny “Same Old Shit Different Day.” Freund himself multitasks on guitars, ukulele, keyboards and bass, along with drummers Michael Jerome and Michael Iveson, keyboardist Chris Joyner and bassist John Button, as well as friends David Immergluck and Ben Harper. “I hope that craziness never goes away,” he declares on the aforementioned “Same Old Shit Different Day,” and judging by the sentiments expressed here, it likely never will.

DOWNLOAD: “Mind of Your Own,” “Same Old Shit Different Day,” “Sugar Pie”

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