Tom Brousseau – Posthmous Success

January 01, 1970

(Fat Cat)


When you call your record Posthumous Success irony is obviously your songwriting friend. And finding
Dave Grohl, Vincent Price and Proust wandering through dream-like, heart-rending
narratives with comic kick is telling, too — but then mordant wit is Tom
Brosseau’s gift and cross. Billed as a huge stylistic shift from his bare-boned
past, this time the Grand Forks’
expat embellishes his witty fare in striking arrangements of whirring synths
and electric guitars, even turning up the heat and pace to a near-boil on “Big
Time” and the overly distorted “You Don’t Know My Friends.”


Mice Parade’s Adam Pierce produced and drummed, the latter
abetting the occasional thunder. Brosseau even adds four lyric-less interludes
to successfully vary the skyline. But even if the stories occasionally tilt
in-jokey, they’re still the draw. Brosseau tells us as much when he warbles
almost apologetically on “Axe & Stump” that he’s “got an evil eye and a
matching wit.”  Let us just forgive and


Standout Tracks:  “Favorite Color Blue” and “Wishbone Medallion”




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