Tokyo Police Club – CHAMP

January 01, 1970

(Mom + Pop)


From the amount
of buzz-garnered due to their excellent live performances, two EPs (Smith and A Lesson in Crime) and debut album Elephant Shell – that has escalated since the Toronto quartet’s
creation five years ago it is easy to forget that Champ is only their second LP. Two years have passed since Elephant and with Champ Tokyo Police Club polish their sound while remaining their
steadfast kinetic, catchy, fun selves.


Champ is an album that warrants several plays before it permeates
your mind. “Wait Up,” and “Bambi” are two impressive tracks with the latter
introducing a disjointed, jabbing sound effect that is indescribably addicting.
Yet one song immediately climbs above the others, “Breakneck Speed.” The
pulsating track begins quietly and does not linger long before exploding with
loud guitar, bass and drums. As singer Dave Monks sings “it’s good to be back”
one cannot help but shout the words along with him and agree: finally, Tokyo
Police Club has returned.


Standout Tracks: “Breakneck Speed,” “Not Sick” APRIL S.


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