Todd Wolfe Band – Live

January 01, 1970


(American Home Entertainment)


The Todd Wolfe Band is neither your run of the mill bar band
nor a true progressive power trio, although at first glance they may profess to
be both. A good portion of their back catalog was recorded live in concert, but
Wolfe’s forte emphasizes precision as much as it does spontaneity. With a
resume that dates back 30 years and an early association with Sheryl Crow, he’s
garnered an experience and expertise that reflects ample opportunity to sharpen
his skills. Consequently, the band’s latest album should please both purists and
those that appreciate unbridled arrangements and a fiery presentation. While
there is little attempt to embellish their basic blues regimen, Wolfe and
company do pay homage to some notable predecessors. “Roll Over,” for example,
brings to mind the no-holds barred slide guitar revelry of Led Zeppelin, while
the funky “Change Will Come” offers more than a hint of Hendrix,
particularly in its rephrasing of “Voodoo Child.”


That said, the Todd Wolfe Band is a group that’s best seen live
in order to fully appreciate their prowess. Happily though, this robust set
offers more than a hint of Wolfe’s impressive roar


DOWNLOAD: “Roll Over,” “Change Will Come”

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