Todd Snider – The Excitement Plan

January 01, 1970

(Yep Roc)


Todd Snider’s always shown a penchant for integrating
sentiment with satire, parlaying it into a cynical stance that could have Kinky
Friedman, Randy Newman and Shel Silverstein guffawing in agreement.  Still, it’s often hard to determine that
divide between sarcasm and sincerity, particularly on his last effort, the
unfortunately-titled Peace Queer EP. So
if The Excitement Plan finds Snider
turning introspective, its tone and tenacity continue to reflect his
irreverent, unflappable humor.


Unplugged and unfettered, songs like “Slim Chance” and
“Unorganized Crime” parlay a steady bluesy shuffle, while the weathered and
reflective “Greencastle Blues” and “Corpus Christi Bay” prove especially
affecting.  Regardless, Snider’s
observations are as wry as ever – borne out by the unlikely tale of a
ballplayer who pitched a no-hitter zonked on LSD (“America’s Favorite Pastime”), his
philosophical waxing on the standards for success (“Money, Compliments,
Publicity”) and a tirade about a shiftless steady (“Barefoot Champagne”).  The
Excitement Plan
may be a misnomer, but the commentary remains consistently


“Greencastle Blues,” “Corpus Christi Bay”



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