Todd Snider – Live: The Storyteller

January 01, 1970

 (Thirty Tigers/Aimless Records)


Live albums can be tricky. More often than
not, they come off as nothing more than either a grab the cash and run scam
from the label and/or musician or a temporary stall tactic while the artist
struggles to complete a long-gestating follow up album. Todd Snider,
thankfully, doesn’t fit into either category.


On Live:
The Storyteller
, Snider’s latest double disc live effort, folk music’s
reigning king of cool proves yet again why his studio albums – as solid as they
may be – are still no match for his live shows. The songs themselves, while
certainly impressive, like the stomper “Don’t It make You Want to Dance” and
the why-the-hell-is this-song -not-a-classic-yet? “Conservative Christian,
Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males”, take a back seat to
Snider’s between song banter and song intros/explanations.


If you’ve ever
caught one of the singer-songwriter’s shows – and there’s really no excuse not
to, seeing as how he lives on the road – you know Snider is more than just a
musician, but also an Americana poet, storyteller and barstool comedian.


Yes, Snider had
another live album out eight years ago, but in the interim, he has put out a
few more records during that time and as Snider admits, the stories and his
explanation of the songs themselves change from show to show.  At this rate, I wouldn’t begrudge Snider a
live album every couple of years.


DOWNLOAD: “Just Like Old Times” and “Conservative Christian,
Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males”   JOHN B. MOORE


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