Album: Global

Artist: Todd Rundgren

Label: Cherry Red

Release Date: April 07, 2015

Todd Rundgren 4-7


After a spate of recent releases that provided forays into cosmic cacophony, fearsome blues and radically redefined versions of the seminal songs he produced for others, creative chameleon Todd Rundgren offers an assertive follow-up that finds him back in familiar terrain. Suffice it to say, it makes for a fortunate state of affairs.

State, his last album, was more experimental than accessible, always a risk given his eclectic ambitions. Sadder still, Todd tended to distance all but the most devoted, thanks to an album that was, to say the least, rather difficult to digest. So while Global draws from the same synthesized setup, fortunately there’s plenty here to keep everyone enthralled. “Evrybody” is an entreaty to clap hands, join the party and share in the communal bond. The proggy sounding “Rise” and “Skyscraper” bring Utopia to mind, while “Soothe” is a big ballad in the old Todd tradition.

Nevertheless, the universal embrace offered by “Global Nation,” and the worldly rhythms employed on “Holyland” are the very things that make Global sound true to its title. It is, in short, a welcome return.

DOWNLOAD: “Evrybody,” “Soothe,” “Global Nation”


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