Tobacco – Maniac Meat

January 01, 1970



Tobacco is the
name given to solo projects by Black Moth Super Rainbow’s frontman Tom Fec, who
conveniently enough goes by the name Tobacco. (No brand, just generic.) In
fact, since the respectable reception given to Tobacco’s solo debut,
“Fucked Up Friends” in 2008, Fec is said to consider Tobacco his main
outlet, and Maniac Meat is his second


Buzz factor is
enhanced by the collaboration of Beck on two short tracks, the 95-second
“Fresh Hex” and just-under-two-minute “Grape Aerosmith,” a
great title with inscrutable singing that could be an ad for a new brand of
Japanese chewing gum. Among the tracks where Tobacco stands alone, “Mexican
Ice Cream” and “Lick the Witch” offer synthesizer gurgles that
could be emanating from the jukebox at Spongebob’s Krusty Krab.
“Sweatmother” adds a little more metal chording to the synth bloops,
while “Motorlicker” sounds adds some high-end twinkle to a thick
muddy bottom. The singing is vocoder encoded, so lyrics exist mostly to add
meat to the beat. “Unholy Demon Rhythms” aspires to some of the
D.I.Y. menace of fellow Pittsburgh
auteur George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead,” but most of the
menace here (“Nuclear Waste Aerobics”) is as goofy and throwaway
enjoyable as that in any Troma film.


Standout Tracks: “Fresh Hex,”
“Constellation Dirtbike Head” WAYNE ROBINS


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